Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo (服部 半蔵 美成 Hattori Hanzō) is Sen's servant and head of the Student Council police.


A every loyal servant of the Tokugawa family who is at the princess' side whenever she needs her. Hanzo has known Sen since childhood and has been in her service just as that long. Their relationship is similar to the bonds between a general and a Samurai, and it is a great possibility that it is strong like that.


Hanzo is introduced to the series as a young beautiful woman in her possible late teens/early 20's. She has long silver-colored hair and is always dressed in a maid dress with glasses. Besides her formal clothing Hanzo also has an irregular pair of sandals that is set with a thin cylindrical shape on the underside, so it may look like she is balancing on a pair of sticks. Her glasses allow her to detect an individual's power level and also see through any man made materials. Just like her master Hanzo is a very high skilled Samurai, her weapon of choice is a double-bladed pole that can split into two individual katana, and she can shoot a number of shuriken, kunai or any throwable material under her skirt. She later becomes Muneakira's seventh Master Samurai. In master samurai she uses a holographic display in lieu of her glasses to detect an opponents power level plus their Qi level. Her weapon is a giant scroll on her back that can split into various three-sided shurikens.


As a Samurai under service of the Tokugawa family, Hanzo is not only loyal to her princess but even to the friends that surrounds them, and is always ready to fight at their side when it is needed. She is kind and cares for everyone in her company but can also be as fearless and strong as any other warrior. As a young girl Hanzo was very shy (especially around the princess) and a bit clumsy, but at times when Sen was bullied behind her back by the other girls at the school, Hanzo was always there to talk for the princess against the bullies. That eventually gave her the strength and will to one day become stronger so she could protect the princess all the time, but also formed the bonds that later come to remain between them until the older years. It is hinted that she has deeper feelings for Sen and is a masochist longing for Sen's abuses.


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